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We have already blocked more than 650,000 links containing counterfeit product offers


600+ fraudulent flight booking sites blocked
Alexandra Melnikova, VP Legal at Aviasales
«Fake online travel and flight booking sites are a growing concern. Dozens of them pop up during peak season sales. Often they look like the exact copy of legit platforms or social media pages. A user trusts the brand and proceeds to purchase without any doubts. The result is money lost, vacation ruined or a business trip cancelled. Unfortunately, cybercrimes are hard to investigate and prosecute. So in our case the best action plan is to prevent any damage from occurring in the first place.»
Partnered with the industry expert and created a site to verify air travel services (настоящийбилет.рф)
5 413+ phishing links detected (1 111 posted on social media)
«Thank you for your work on the online brand protection. During our cooperation, compromising resources were identified and eliminated, which prevented damage to our company's business reputation. We value the efficiency and productivity of your team's work and the reports' quality on the results of your response. We are confident in continuing our effective cooperation.»
Vitaly Terentyev, Director of Special Projects Department
Successfully blocked 96%
5 000+ phishing links detected (800 posted on social media)
«The activity of counterfeit sellers is a serious negative factor for our brand. Counterfeit sellers use our well-known trademark to sell low-quality products that are potentially dangerous to customers and their children's health. Also, manufacturers of counterfeit products exploit the Korean manufacturer's developments and openly steal the design of packaging and manuals, which confuses customers of the original product. Both are a risk to our reputation.»
Vladimir Artamonov, CEO at Magformers
Successfully blocked 87%
65 856+ phishing links detected
«The partnership with BrandSecurity allows us to quickly stop various types of fraud with your brand and respond quickly to non-standard brand threats.»
Elisey Malyshev, Brand & Marketing Lead
Successfully blocked 97%
16 000+ phishing links detected
«We have been working with the BrandSecurity team for more than a year and could not be satisfied more. Our partners have successfully solved problems related to finding violations in domains and on message boards. We have already blocked over 16,000+ counterfeit links, which allows us to direct our customers to authorized sellers.»
Kugoo brand official representative in Russia
Successfully blocked 99%
Vladimir Gorskin, Head of Investigations Department at Tinkoff Bank
Successfully blocked: 93%
«Large-scale business with a strong brand image often has to deal with scammers that introduce themselves as its employees. They create spoof websites or provide phishing links through social media to mislead clients and third parties. It poses a great threat to business reputation, profits and consumer safety. Every day since we started using BrandSecurity, we see these scams detected and dealt with.»
700+ phishing links detected
(550 posted on social media)
Successfully blocked 94%
215 000+ phishing links detected (191,550 posted on social media)
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